We won't use other lashes for a reason.

They say the eyes tell your story

and we believe that's true. Our mission at HYPER LENS CO. is to help tell your story. Helping you look and feel your best is part of that. That's why we partnered up with Debris Lashes by Chicago Makeup Artist-Janet Debris. We've spoken about her before, so if you'd like to know more check out this post. These lashes are incredible. Soft, stable, and GORGEOUS. They don't fall flat like others and they are great for every eye. Handmade, cruelty-free, and full of #slay.

Chicago Boudoir - HYPER LENS CO. | Debris Lashes collage

Debris Lashes are cruelty-free and that matters.

These luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes have a layered and dimensional effect. The lashes are combined with different sizes in length, mixing short and long lashes giving the lashes a layered effect and a more voluminous, appearance.  3D mink lashes bring a more glamorous and dramatic effect to the eye. Not only does this look aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps to create depth around the eye. Focusing on what your eyes have to say.

Chicago Boudoir - HYPER LENS CO. | Debris Lashes
Chicago Boudoir - HYPER LENS CO. | Debris Lashes
Chicago Boudoir - HYPER LENS CO. | Debris Lashes

Not only do we include these in your session

We love them so much, we include a set inside your goodie bag! It's one of our gifts to you to keep you feeling like the confident, and amazing person you are. And if you decide to wear them, that's just a bonus. ;)

We're super excited to be carrying Janet's lashes and ONLY these lashes. Supporting small and local businesses is something we're about, especially when the product is top-notch.

For more information on Janet and her lashes, follow her Instagram @janetdebris.

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