This City.

It has a way

of making you feel like it's built for you, but will never give itself to you. The city breathes, and its people are always working. Its a blue collar city, and there's no denying it.

There's a trick to whole thing though, being able to Be in this city will fill your heart in way you didn't know a city could.

The trick is you have to pause. Really stop and observe and Chicago will let you in. Into her beauty and her energy. Into her warmth that wont see or feel otherwise.

HYPER LENS CO. | Chicago Theater through Divy Bikes
HYPER LENS CO. | Chicago Skyline from the Southwest

Chicago Street/Architecture Photography

Is a great way to see this city. It has so many different layers to work from and ways to view it. From towering skyscrapers, to the city beneath the city, Chicago truly is one of a kind. Weather not working out for you? Wait 10 minutes. The weather here is ever changing, and the result of that can make for great mood in your images. With the way the light shifts and the way the people shift with it is incredible. It's a living, breathing organism teeming with life; ready to be stilled in a photo. Or simply by pausing to observe.

“If you pause for just a minute, this city can still your soul.”