As September looms ever closer, just what can we expect to actually see in the Hero 8 successor?

A couple months ago I tweeted some ideas I had on the upgrades for the GoPro Hero 9 and I wanted expand on those.

For those that dont know their history, GoPro has historically announced their new lineup in September and that means there are rumors aplenty. One in particular is that the Hero 9 may* take shape in the form of their Fusion/Max design, integrating the two into one.

I still very much hope this is not the case.

However, some of the things We would LOVE to see in the Hero 9 are:

An adjustable touch-to-focus aperture.

This would be a game changer for those of us who like to use the GoPro for quick photos. Having the ability to add depth of field in a real way would make this much more interesting. Similar to what mobile phones offer in a portrait or bokeh mode.

4k Slo-mo.

GoPro, its time. Not having the ability to shoot 4k 120fps in 2020 is strange. According to Sony's specs, the sensor can handle it. Even if you don't upgrade to the next gen.


GoPro's app has a lot of great potential, but is getting crushed by feature rich alternatives like the Insta360 One R app. Having smart and AI rich features is the move. They started this in their app, but it seems to lack any further development. A feature rich app would only be as good is the app itself though, so it's time for it to stop crashing. Why is this still a problem? I'd like to see some rock solid stability here.


I realise I'm likely in the margin here, but I wouldn't mind the Hero 9 being a bit bigger to increase battery life and performance variables.

A 1 inch Sensor.

Currently GoPro uses a 1/2.3 inch sensor which is smaller than the top camera phones. At the very least I'd like to see the jump to an APS-C. Both Sony and Insta360 have proven the 1 inch can be done (very well) and it's time for you to master it.

We love GoPro and believe in their mission

We use our for all kinds of things from 4 running to walks with the kids, to straight up photography. The ease of use and portability have actually made this a camera of choice for more than short form content.