What is HYPER LENS CO. ?

HYPER LENS CO. is a Palatine, Il based Photo Studio that focuses on Dramatic Portraits & Boudoir photography.

We focus on creating an immersive environment. One where we can craft the experience around and with you; based on who you are and the story you'd like to tell. With other formats of photography, we work to capture the scene in a way that shows drama, splendor, and the brilliance of light. Resulting in images that draw you into the space and make you feel like you're a part of it.

We specialize in creativity.

Creative & Dramatic Portraits

At the heart of all our work is in our creative portrait photography. Doubling down on our strengths allows us to move seamlessly throughout various niches, yielding in one of a kind images you can cherish forever.

Alternative Boudoir

We use the term Alternative because our Boudoir images aren't totally boudoir. Our Boudoir sessions are just as intimate, but styled with more of a Pin Up flair. One day we may have a full theme to explore, a large scale environment, or sticking to (what we call) bedroom boudoir. Because you are anything but ordinary.


Angela | Boudoir

“My first shoot was so perfect and so professionally done! I felt soo very comfortable in my own skin for the first time in a long time and I can't thank you guys enough! I truly felt beautiful and special and am in love with my pics! THANK YOU!”

“Photography is borrowing time to capture a reality that only exists in that fraction of a second.”

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